St George's Catholic Church, Warminster

St George's Catholic Church, Warminster


Today you will receive a warm and welcome at St George’s. There is, with slight exceptions, daily mass throughout the year and also three Sunday masses, there are various groups in the Parish that you are welcome to join.

About Us

The Parish Priest is Fr Martin Queenan. Also attached are Reverend Raymond Hayne &  Reverend Malcolm Ferrier

St George’s is an attractive and simple church, situated in South West Wiltshire. It has gone through a number of changes since it was opened by Bishop Burton on 13th April 1922.

Mass Times

Sunday: (Sat 6.00pm), 8.00am & 10.00am 

Saturday:, 9.30am & Evening Mass at 6.00pm 

Bulletins and Messages

Find out all the great things happening in our Parish as well as any changes to Mass Times and other information you need to know about the week to come.

Also any special messages from Bishop Declan or our Parish Priest

Live Mass

You can watch a daily Mass live from Clifton Cathedral below

Clifton Cathedral

Sunday Mass: Saturday 6.00 pm
9.30 am (Family), 11.15 am (Solemn), 6.00 pm

Holy Days: 7.30 am, 7.30 pm (Sung)

Weekdays: Monday 9.30 am, Tuesday 7.00 pm, Wednesday 7.30 am, Thursday 7.30 am, Friday 9.30 am, Saturday 9.30am


Contact and Find us!

St George’s Church & Parish Office
31 Boreham Road
Wiltshire. BA12 9JP

T: 01985 212 329

St George's