The importance of donations to the Church:

In order to help St George’s continue to be a growing church and to meet the needs of an ever-changing community, we need your support. Through the generosity of all members of the parish we are able to support a Priest, maintain the Church in good order; keeping it warm and presentable. This enables us to have daily Mass, Confessions, First Holy Communion and Confirmation Programmes, Holy Hours, finance meetings, leadership team meetings, monthly and weekly prayer groups, weekly music rehearsals, social events and coffee mornings.

Over the coming months and years we hope to develop our sense of community and grow in personal holiness but we need to look after our site to be able to do this. Our priority for 2019 is to upgrade our facilities and equipment to comply with Fire Safety Regulations: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Small to Medium Places of Assembly. Emergency Lighting has been installed in the Narthex, Meeting Hall, Sacristy and Church and needs to be extended to the exterior access routes. Our emergency exit routes are acceptable within the guidance for able bodied persons but not all are suitable for wheelchair use.  The width and of some of our doorways do not meet the guidance and are to be altered. A fire detection/alarm system is to be installed. You may have noticed the water stains on the sanctuary ceiling and walls we need to prevent further water ingress and replace the felt roof over the Sacristy.

There are several ways you can support the Church, firstly through your prayers. If you would like to donate, we would be very grateful for that too. There are several ways to donate to the Church depending on what suits you best. You can make a one-off donation by cheque payable to St George’s Church, Warminster or Bank Transfer to Nat West Sorting Code 52-10-03 Account Number 66287308. If you would like to set up a regular standing order from your bank, please contact the Parish Office on 01985 212329.

The significance of Gift Aid:

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can boost your donations to the Parish by 25% without giving any extra. This is possible through the Gift Aid scheme. The donations can be of any amount, and there is no lower or upper limit and they do not have to be of a fixed amount or frequency so Gift Aid is a flexible option.

Please collect a form from the Narthex or ask the Gift Aid Secretary, John Foster. You can then either make your donations in cash or cheque in the special envelopes or via a standing order.

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