Parish Priest: Father Martin Queenan. Vicar Forane (Dean in Trowbridge Deanery)

Also assisting the Parish Priest; Reverend Raymond Hayne &  Reverend Malcolm Ferrier

St George’s is an attractive and simple church, situated in South West Wiltshire. It has gone through a number of changes since it was opened by Bishop Burton on 13th April 1922. At that time it was a welcome replacement for an old army hut near the Railway Station that had been a temporary meeting point for local Catholics. St George’s was to remain without a resident priest for 16 years, during which time the Church was extended, the Presbytery was built in 1938. It was also in this year that the first Parish Priest was appointed to St George’s, Father Donal O’Connell.

In 1978, St George’s Church was consecrated by Bishop Mervyn Alexander on its patronal feast and at this time the opportunity to reorder of the Sanctuary was taken. To celebrate the Pope’s visit to England in 1982, a commemorative plaque was placed in St George’s high altar at the same time as a Narthex being added to the Church and the Sacristy being enlarged.

Today you will receive a warm and welcome at St George’s. There is, with slight exceptions, daily mass throughout the year and also three Sunday masses, there are various groups in the Parish that you are welcome to join.

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